Treating Scars

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Treating Scars

There are a lot of products on the market to chose from for treating scars (from stretch marks to scar tissue from surgery to acne or even burns), but most of these products are loaded with chemicals that will eventually damage your skin. They may work in the short term, but for long term use these chemicals will begin to dry and possibly irritate the rest of your undamaged skin.
The key to finding a product is that it not only helps the healing process in treating the scars your concerned about, but is also nourishing to the rest of your skin. Let’s face it, you’re not applying anything with an eye dropper only along the scar that’s effected. the best way to apply is the rub it in. For this, Natural is the way to go, and Organic is the way to go better. There are a number of Oils that work great for treating scars, and are also very nourishing to the rest of skin. Custis Sanus provides a specific blend of Moisturizer for treating Scarred & Damaged Skin that will promote skin and cell regeneration, reduce inflammation, and increase blood circulation.

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