Psoriasis Dry Skin – Treating with Oils and Butters

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Psoriasis Dry Skin – Treating with Oils and Butters

Psoriasis Dry Skin

Dry and Itchy plaques are closely associated with Psoriasis, and you never know when its going to flare up. Since Psoriasis is an auto-immune disorder, just about anything that can affect your immune system can affect Psoriasis. Strep throat is actually a very common trigger of flare ups and Psoriasis Dry Skin, and you may also experience flare ups following an earache, bronchitis, or a respiratory infection. Although not scientifically proven, some people with psoriasis believe that allergies, die, and even weather can trigger Psoriasis.

With all these possible triggers, how can you possibly be prepared for a flare up, and let alone wait for it to subside. You can take care of yourself to the T, but you will never be fully prepared for it. So, what then?

Well, the best way to prepare is to ensure that you can effectively treat your Psoriasis so that it does not become difficult to manage. This means keeping your skin well hydrated on a continual basis using an Oil Based Moisturizer, or a Butter Based Moisturizer.

Oil Based Moisturizer

An Oil Based Moisturizer is very effective at penetrating your skin, which is a huge benefit for helping the skin heal and regenerate itself. Also, an Oil Based Moisturizer closely resembles the skins natural  sebum, and so it will leave a protective layer on the skin that mimics your skins natural oils.

Butter Based Moisturizer

A Butter Based Moisturizer actually leaves a thicker protective layer on the skin and will help heal your skin over a longer period of time. As you apply a Butter, it will melt with the skins natural heat, and will penetrate more easily. The more you apply, the thicker the layer that is left on the skin to avoid further drying out.

Best Practice

Both are very good, and many of our customers use one or the other. Best practice would be to have both available on hand. Some of our customers prefer using an Oil Based Moisturizer on a regular basis since it leaves the skin silky smooth without the added greasy feeling you get from using most other Treatments. A Butter Based Moisturizer then comes in handy during flare ups, and applying often enough will help reduce the cracked scaling of the skin, and reduce any itch or irritation.

Currently, we are offering our Butter Moisturizers with FREE SHIPPING for you to take advantage of.

How Do You Treat Your Skin?

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